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Gay anime videos

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Here are some hot gay anime videos featuring Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X).

All of these gay hentai clips comes from the movie “Samurai Fantasy


more videos here

And here is this other hentai boy getting screwed in his butthole. Hope he enjoys it (even if it seems rather painful)

hard yaoi videos

In this one there is Ryu from Street Fighter sodomizing Himura Kenshin, and by the looks of it, he seems to really enjoy it :p

So there, this movie “Samurai Fantasy” is one of the only gay anime videos I’ve found uncensored on the net.

Click here for more gay hentai

If you want to see more gay anime videos, I recommend you to click on the image above.

There’s much more gay hentai from where this came from! So be sure to check this website out. They have much more gay anime videos, gay comics, gay hentai pictures and more!

Some hot gay cartoons

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Hey guy/gals!

Sorry for not being very active on this blog… Life can turn pretty ugly some times. But anyways, I’ve managed to fix some life issues and now I can finally concentrate more on this blog, hurray! :D

So, since I’ve posted too much gay hentai around here, I’ve decided to give it a spin and start showing some quality gay cartoons that I’ve found on the interwebs. Some of them are pretty hot.

However, this are gay cartoons from western culture, they are not japanese.

Even though I’ve found some Avatar: the last air bender gay hentai, I don’t think that it qualifies as hentai, it’s more like gay cartoons, right? But since it looks like anime, I don’t really know how to categorize it.

So anyways, here are some hot gay cartoons pics that I’ve found, they are of various type, some are comics characters, others are from TV shows:

First of all, let’s add some DC gay comics, shall we?

here’s Batman, full frontal naked ;)

batman yaoi

Dude’s got a huge tasty cock ;)

But what about robin? He’s lonely :(…

Well, he can enjoy himself with some nifty tools from the batcave while his pal is out fighting crime:

robin yaoi

Fighting boredom!

Now here are some neat pics from different TV shows, including Family Guy, The Simpsons and much more!

Family guy - peter fucking chris teen titans gay cartoon he-man fucking skeletor

avatar the last airbender gay Venture bros sucking dicks Gay mortal kombat

gay American Dad Scooby doo gay

So there you have it! You have enough fap material for now ;)

It’s pretty hard to find some good gay cartoons, they are not as good as hentai ones, but some are of good quality.

I’ve found this paysite that have tons of cool images from a lot of characters (not only western but also anime).

They also have Naruto, Yu-Gi-Ho!, Dragon Ball  Z and much more. It’s worth checking it out:

Click here for more gay cartoons at Just cartoon dicks

If you don’t like gay cartoons, well, you can still surf the rest of the website ;)

Click here for more gay cartoons comics! Instant access

Hot gay anime boy getting fucked

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Hey friends, ready for some good anime gay porn? I bet you are Clignement d'œil

So here’s a new hot yaoi animated movie that I’ve chosen because it’s showing a hot yaoi boy about to get bottomed by some handsome and strong man. I don’t know if it’s consensual but I think that this boy loves getting fucked into his boy-pussy. His prostate must feel great!  :D

It’s a very hot gay anime porn vid, watch it.

Anyways, click on the picture below to see more gay anime porn video clips from this movie. They are 4 in total. You can check the whole movie via the link in the gallery, or you can check Hentaiboys right now.

hot hentai boy about to get fucked

If you want to see more gay anime porn videos, I recommend you the following paysites:

Yaoi porn - Hentai Boys

Hentai Boys has plenty of good hentai gay videos, they update their site frequently with the newest gay anime porn movies they can find on the web (and they are pretty hard to come by!). Also the good thing about this site is that you can download all these gay hentai videos at full speed without any interruption. There’s no need to find broken links on the internet, or low quality copy. This is all high quality stuff.

I really recommend them if you don’t have time to be looking for some good gay anime porn on the web, it saves valuable time ;)

There’s also Yaoi Place. They have plenty of exclusive anime gay pictures, featuring various yaoi parodies; DBZ, Street Fighter, etc. It’s pretty good stuff, they also offer an exclusive gay hentai video that you won’t find anywhere else, called ‘Samurai Fantasy‘. They have it, In HQ.

I recommend to check them too since Hentai Boys don’t have all that content:

Yaoi Place - Exclusive gay anime content
Click here to see more exclusive anime gay porn at Yaoi Place.

Hard yaoi sex

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hard yaoi sex

OMG! This is so hot! Here’s a hot gallery of some hot yaoi pictures I’ve found on the internet. The guy in the picture is surely loving that cock being rammed inside his boy pussy. I’m loving it! Hope you guys/gals enjoy it as much as I do Rire

Click HERE to see more!

Mentaiko – Creampie

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Hey guys! Just found this freshly translated Mentaiko hard yaoi manga. It’s very rough (and I mean it!). There’s rape and straight sex, but it will do. However, don’t expect something ‘Yaoi’ it’s more ‘Bara’ than anything else. Happy fapping!

Gay hentai couple fucking

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gay hentai couple fucking


Look at this hot gay hentai boy getting cum pumped into his tiny little hole by this thick big cock.


This looks so tasty, I love these young fellas bottomed inside their boy pussy ;) So fucking hot

I’m so horny for some good gay hentai than I’ll post this free hentai gay movie for you people to watch:

Some good olde hentai gay gang bang :D

Now here’s the bad news: unfortunately, it is very hard to come by  some good hentai gay porn on the world wide web… Very few sites offer these kind of content. Well, at least I can’t manage to find a lot of free hentai videos. Why? Because it’s pretty much niche (and relatively new into the hentai scene). But the good thing is that I’ve found some very nice hentai gay sites on the web, however these are pay sites. Even with that, they are pretty cool, they offer you a $1 trial membership and you can download all the gay hentai videos that you want, like a buffet! If you ask me, that’s a hell of a deal ;)

Also they update their site whenever new hentai gay videos appears on the web. So it’s pretty awesome :D There’s no need to manually find them onto obscure image boards, forums, etc. They do all the hard work for you! You’ll just have to click on play and start fapping. Instant gratification, lol

 Yaoi Movie Archive - Hentai gay videos HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Yaoi Movie Archive:
they have the biggest database of hentai gay videos around the web, pretty good stuff.

So yeah, all these hentai gay videos are pretty rare, but they exist. Let’s hope more studios will release new videos because I think that the lack of this material could be considered as criminal (lol). Let’s cross fingers and see if these animators keeps making these! I personally hope so, they are too hot :D

Well, that’s it for this post, I will try to find more quality stuff whenever I find them, but it’s pretty time consuming and there’s too much garbage porn on the web. Not enough good content if you ask me. However, I’ll give you another quality freebie to enjoy ;)

More hentai gay

That’s a very yummy picture, there’s even some submission action there. /Me likes that ;)

I have no idea who the artist is, but he makes some god damn sexy pictures :D If someone has its website or something like that, please comment it. I’ll love to see more of this artist. Very cool.

Stay tuned for more free gay hentai porn movies and hentai gay pictures on this very site!

Avatar Yaoi

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More Gay Avatar Yaoi HERE

Holy cow! I found this hilarious yaoi pic on some imageboard today! Pretty hot! Looks like Jake Sully from Avatar in his Na’Vi form getting an handjob from The Last Airbender’s Sokka. What’s weird is that he isn’t wearing any oxygen mask on Pandora, but who cares right? It would be great do die when jerking some big fat blue alien cock like that… Yummy.. Props to the artist! This is Na’vi Orgasmic! ;)

Boku no Pico gay hentai videos

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Hey guys! Do you love traps? Well, I have a treat for ya! Boku no Pico.

It’s a fucking hot gay hentai OVA featuring a young twink trap who fucks a older guy.

That guy totally thought he was a girl, but then, surprise! Cock! (lame joke, I know…)

So I have embedded the video here, but if you want to download the other 3 episodes you have to check the website Yaoi Movie Archives. They have more gay hentai videos there. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Anways, I hope you enjoy it! And happy fapping ;)

Want to see more of Pico?? Click HERE and watch all the episodes! INSTANT ACCESS.